A planet populated by rabbits? What a disaster!

Help the rabbits escape their small world before they become overpopulated or run out of food!

'At It Like Rabbits' is a 2D strategy and management game developed in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 38 game jam. You are responsible for a planet populated solely by rabbits. The population is increasing quickly and its your job to get the rabbits off the small world as quickly as possible by building a rocket!

By selecting your rabbits you can give them instructions to collect resources. These resources can then be spent to unlock and buy items.

Item List:

Research Basket - Used by rabbits to deposit research they have gathered.
Material Basket - Used by rabbits to deposit material they have gathered.
Food Basket - Used by rabbits to deposit carrots they have gathered.
Rabbit Hutch - Increases population limit by 10.
Rocket - The means to your rabbits' salvation!